Soul Care DVD


Not available elsewhere- Rob’s first Video Teaching Series is an in-depth guide to Soul Care. Prepared specifically for small groups to work through together, it can also be used as a church-wide curriculum, or for those individuals who claim they "aren't really much of a reader." This 2-DVD pack will be an invaluable guide to anyone who is going after freedom and fullness in Christ, and to anyone who is leading others along that journey.  Each of the chapters takes a deep dive into one of the Soul Care principles, plus there is an extra final session on intimacy with God.

We are broken body, soul, and spirit, and we need the healing touch of Jesus. Soul Care explores seven principles that are profound healing tools of God: securing your identity, repentance, breaking family sin patterns, forgiving others, healing wounds, overcoming fears, and deliverance.
Life change is hard, there is no doubt about it.  But these principles, when packaged together and lived out, can lead to lasting transformation, freedom, and a healthy soul.  Soul Care encourages you to gather a small group of comrades in arms, read, watch, and process together, open your souls to one another, access the presence and power of God together, and journey together into the freedom and fullness of Christ.  So worth the effort!

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